A Look at the Best ETH Wallets for 2017-2018

Ethereum Wiki: What Is Ethereum?  Ethereum is a software computing platform based on blockchain technology. The platform allows for the building and deployment of decentralized applications called smart contracts. These smart contracts run exactly as they were programmed, without any scope for

Blockchain-Based Startup Creates New Opportunities for Charity

CharityStars is an online fundraising auction platform for the nonprofit sector that launched a series of auctions with prominent leaders in the Blockchain space. The auctions which will be closed on Dec. 18, include meetings with Dr. Julian Hosp, co-founder and President

Ryan Hoover on FCC’s Blockchain effect

The FCC’s widely unpopular decision on Thursday to reverse the 2015 Open Internet Order could amp up already fierce enthusiasm around blockchain and bitcoin. Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt founder who also runs the Weekend Fund, said the rolling back of net neutrality

Do good companies ICO? | TechCrunch

There has been a veritable explosion in the use of initial coin offerings (abbreviated ICO, sometimes also referred to as a token generating event or TGE, or a WTFLOL) to fund startups. Calculating the total investment in these offerings is complicated, but