ICO Analysis: ArcBlock

Blockchain technology is still in its infancy. There are many issues preventing developers and businesses from creating widespread, decentralized blockchain applications. // — Discuss and ask questions in our community on Workplace. Performance is one of … Source link

Bitcoin is here to stay, analyst says

Despite its recent price whipsaw, bitcoin has gained legitimacy with investors and is here to stay, according to Spencer Bogart, a partner and head of research at Blockchain Capital. Bitcoin has been on a jolting ride this year after soaring more than

ETH Surges 20% After Bitcoin Futures Settle

By Gaurav S. Iyer, IFC Published : January 18, 2018 All this week, a dark cloud hung over cryptocurrency markets. It was caused by the first batch of Bitcoin futures contracts coming due…and investors having no idea what to expect from the

Bitcoin ETFs questioned by SEC in new letter

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission indicated Thursday it would not be open to approving cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds until concerns related to rules aimed at protecting investors are addressed. “We believe … that there are a number of significant investor protection issues

Blockchain ‘creates a lot of value’ for manufacturing

Blockchain, a digital record-keeping method that exploded in popularity in conjunction with the cryptocurrency craze, will change the way the world makes transactions, IBM’s Martin Schroeter told CNBC on Thursday after earnings. “If you bought IBM stock today, you would have to