Struggling bitcoin will double by mid-year, Wall Street’s Tom Lee says

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee expects the cryptocurrency market to recover, helped by historical price trends and crypto-related announcements by some major companies. Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten announced Tuesday it is planning to launch a cryptocurrency called “Rakuten Coin,” according to news reports. “The

Japan, City ICOs, and Banks Running Scared

By Gaurav S. Iyer, IFC Published : February 28, 2018 Ethereum News Update There’s a lot of Ethereum news this morning, so I cherry-picked the three most interesting stories I could find. One of them, in particular, might affect our Ethereum price forecast.

BlackRock’s Turnill Sees ‘Promising’ Potential for Blockchain

BlackRock Inc. still sees cryptocurrencies as too volatile for all but the most adventurous of investors, though the investment company is warming to the long-term potential of the underlying blockchain technology. The secure distributed-ledger technology that forms the basis of transactions with

ICO Analysis: Omnitude

The e-commerce industry has seen a rapid ascension in the past decade powered by the likes of Amazon and Alibaba. Many traditional brick and mortar stores have been forced to file bankruptcy and adopt the internet way. E-commerce sales were estimated at