Why the Cryptocurrency Market (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP) Is Falling

iStock.com/CreativaImages Cryptocurrencies Are Caught in a Correction The cryptocurrency market is falling, which was completely contrary to the price action that characterized all of last year. 2017 was a milestone year for cryptocurrencies as the entire complex made a monumental move to

ICO Analysis: CloudMoolah

CloudMoolah was successfully launched in the USA in October 2017 with currently over 300 developers and more than 10 million gamers using the platform. CloudMoolah is designed to facilitate and manage payments seamlessly between game developers, gamers and … Source link

Why are bitcoin transaction fees dropping so low?

No single factor explains it, and they don’t quite fit even when you put them all together. Bitcoin transaction fees have dropped to their lowest point in about 6 months, and it’s hard to say exactly why. The coin hit a wall

Japan & German Regs, ETH Price Crash, and More

By Gaurav S. Iyer, IFC Published : February 22, 2018 iStock.com/Evgenii_Bobrov Ethereum News Update Pessimism returned to the cryptocurrency markets overnight, driving down values across the entire market. Ethereum was no different. ETH prices fell by nearly nine percent, driving the Ethereum

Cryptocurrency News – Feb 22

Hello everyone, good morning. I’m here at Cryptocurrency News Headquarters and I have the latest. No regrets The Bitcoin Regret Club is a thing where you can, say, choose a date, and then it will say how many moneys you’d have had