Blockchain Regulation Is Inevitable, But It’s Also Good for Business

The challenges to blockchain commercialization lie mostly in technological impediments. After all, there’s still a lot we don’t know about just how to utilize what many are billing as revolutionary technology. But as blockchain’s potential impact expands exponentially, the regulatory aspect of blockchain

7 Trends Shaping the Evolving ICO Economy

Sure, there were white papers, prototypes and theories, but in the land of ICOs, 2017 was largely about one thing – money – and lots of it. Entering 2018, those closest to the sector, the area of the industry that’s actively applying

Ethereum Devs Call for Public Debate on Fund Recovery

Ethereum’s more senior developers are calling for a public debate over what steps, if any, should be taken at the software level to return funds lost in high-profile hacks and incidents. In a bi-weekly meeting Friday, the developers took sides over a

Why Is Blockchain Suddenly So Hot?

To fully appreciate what blockchain technology can bring to a corporate treasury department, start by setting aside all preconceptions about cryptocurrencies. Although the two technologies share similar trajectories, they are distinct, each with its own risks and rewards. Wolfgang Koester In the

Why Aussie forex traders are saying ‘no’ to cryptocurrency

Despite their recent staggering rise, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets are predicted to fall spectacularly, suggests Neil Buckland. A FEW SHORT YEARS AGO, nobody other than shady hackers operating on the dark web had heard of cryptocurrencies. Today, everyone wants a piece of