Blockchain-Based Startup Creates New Opportunities for Charity

CharityStars is an online fundraising auction platform for the nonprofit sector that launched a series of auctions with prominent leaders in the Blockchain space. The auctions which will be closed on Dec. 18, include meetings with Dr. Julian Hosp, co-founder and President

Ryan Hoover on FCC’s Blockchain effect

The FCC’s widely unpopular decision on Thursday to reverse the 2015 Open Internet Order could amp up already fierce enthusiasm around blockchain and bitcoin. Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt founder who also runs the Weekend Fund, said the rolling back of net neutrality

Why Blockchain Will Save the Agency Business | DigitalNext

Blockchain Credit: istock Last month, I proposed a new disruptive agency model that outlines the operational and organizational structure of the agency of the future. Now it’s time to turn our attention to the most important jigsaw piece: the question of the

Gibraltar launches financial services license for blockchain

LONDON (Reuters) – Gibraltar’s financial services watchdog will introduce the world’s first bespoke license for “fintech” firms using blockchain distributed ledger technology from next month in a bid to attract start-ups to the British overseas territory as it prepares for Brexit. FILE

Blockchain pitched as answer to influencer marketing management

Blockchain is rapidly capturing the imagination of the business community, exploding beyond its origins underpinning Bitcoin to become the proposed solution to all manner of transaction-based processes. Now one entrepreneur is planning on using it as the basis for a service that