Unlocking the power of blockchain

By Darren Vaux | 16 July 2018   Darren Vaux looks at the potential applications for blockchain technology in the marine industry. Blockchain certainly sounds like a nautical term, perhaps forming part of a mooring apparatus. In contemporary language it encompasses a

Have You Tried Blockchain 5.0 Yet? Nobody Else Has Either

Op-Ed Over the past few years, the buzzwords “Blockchain Technology” have been tied to literally every industry under the sun. Cryptocurrencies had a wild year in 2017 and it seems during that time distributed ledger technology has made it all the way

Amazing Uses For Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Over the years, cryptocurrencies have seen an exponential growth and have clearly succeeded in impressing people. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain market are at a boom and no one has remained unaffected by them. One reason of they are being famous is that cryptocurrency

American Express is Eyeing Blockchain for a Proof-of-Payments System

Credit card giant American Express has filed a patent application for blockchain-based proof-of-payment technology. American Express isn’t an institution unfamiliar with blockchain. Throughout the past few months, we’ve seen the financial services company support the blockchain very publicly. Just recently, the company

The Technology that Nobody Understands – BLOCK-CON 2018 – Medium

Information are stored in the interconnected blocks Many people know that blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg — blockchain experts believe it has the potential to transform and disrupt various industries such