Nasdaq accuses Long Blockchain of misleading investors

Adam Samson in London February 22, 2018 Long Blockchain, the iced tea maker that last year changed its focus to blockchain, has been accused by Nasdaq of misleading investors. The New York exchanges operator sent a letter to Long Blockchain last week,

Wyoming House Unanimously Approves Two Pro-Blockchain Bills

In a watershed moment for United States blockchain and cryptocurrency law, Wyoming’s House of Representatives unanimously voted “aye” to pass two blockchain bills – HB 70 the “utility token bill” and HB 19 the “bitcoin bill” –  sending them to the State Senate for

Blockchain in the sky is now a reality

Qtum and SpaceChain, are making the concept of an orbital blockchain platform a reality. Source: Shutterstock BLOCKCHAIN in space: it sounds like the whimsy of one of the more far-out science fiction writers, a space opera sub-plot befitting Alastair Reynolds or Cixin

Australian uni banks on Blockchain boom

An Australian university is banking on Blockchain, the technology behind the lucrative yet volatile cryptocurrency industry, by launching a nation-first course in the emerging sector. Australia’s first short course on Blockchain strategy, aiming to educate the nation’s next wave of tech start-up