Blockchain in Logistics Industry Will Improve Transpar… | News

Communication flow and logistics is an essential aspect of human existence which forms the backbone of the transfer of goods, services and value. As international trade and logistics continues to expand, more efficient methods are being developed to enable effective service delivery

3 Web Giants That Could Be Decentralized on a Blockchain

The web has taken over our lives, and with that, online enterprises have grown into huge monoliths of power. Yet, while tech giants give us access to the stuff we like – music, movies, shopping – blockchain enthusiasts think an individual’s web

How brands are leveraging blockchain and seeing shares soar

Blockchain is one of the buzzwords that underpinned the 2017 bitcoin craze, as well as a huge topic at the CES tech event this week. While experts are predicting the bitcoin bubble to burst, there’s growing excitement about how blockchain, the tech platform

Financial inclusion can leapfrog with blockchain technology

Back in 2009, as the 2008 global financial meltdown unfolded, cryptocurrencies – and by extension, the Blockchain technology – made their first appearance. Blockchain technology, in particular, may hold the answers to India’s widening financial divide Positioned from the outset as an