Watch Out, North Korea Wants Your Bitcoin | News & Opinion

Bitcoin experts beware. North Korean hackers are probably trying to fool you into installing malware. A new phishing email campaign that targets the cryptocurrency industry has been linked to a shadowy hacking collecting believed to work for North Korea. The warning comes

Bitcoin futures are about to get another big boost

The Cboe futures contract has been modestly successful. Volatility in the bitcoin cash market has not been as high this week as it has been in previous weeks, and the spread between the futures and cash contract has narrowed to a little

GOP tax bill blocks potential bitcoin gains gambit

In simple terms, such an exchange can result in getting taxed at a lower rate when the new asset is eventually sold. “Some people think, ‘I’m taking my bitcoin, which the IRS has deemed to be property, swapping it for another property

Massachusetts regulator lists 7 dangers with bitcoin

The statement said that because trading on the Cboe gives bitcoin an air of legitimacy, investors must be aware of the inherent risks of investing in bitcoin and the fraudulent schemes associated with it. Galvin’s comment comes just days after U.S. Securities

North Korea making a fortune through hacking, ransomware

KIM Jong-un is a bitcoin fan. As the worldwide mania continues, experts have warned the brutal North Korean regime is taking a keen interest in getting its hands on as much bitcoin as possible — through “ransomware” attacks such as WannaCry, mining