Why are bitcoin transaction fees dropping so low?

No single factor explains it, and they don’t quite fit even when you put them all together. Bitcoin transaction fees have dropped to their lowest point in about 6 months, and it’s hard to say exactly why. The coin hit a wall

“Internet of Money” Being Fueled by Bitcoin

Daily Bitcoin News Update Another Bitcoin crash is upon us, or so it seems. But don’t sweat it. Today is just another typical day in the crypto-world. These outrageous price swings are customary in cryptocurrency investing. If, however, the inverted price chart

Bitcoin Exchange Accidentally Drops Prices to Zero

From Popular Mechanics A mix-up at Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif accidentally reduced the price of Bitcoin to zero for 18 minutes last week. During the small window, seven customers were able to get cut-rate Bitcoin in trades that were later voided, according

U.S. arrests operator of shuttered bitcoin investment platform

(Reuters) – The operator of a shuttered bitcoin-denominated exchange was arrested on Wednesday on federal charges that he lied to U.S. securities regulators to avoid taking responsibility for the theft by hackers of virtual currency now worth nearly $70 million. Federal prosecutors

Elliott’s Case for Bitcoin Is About the Power of Fiction

This post originally appeared in Money Stuff. Here’s Paul Singer’s Elliott Management with the bull case for bitcoin: “FOMO (fear of missing out) has solidly trumped WTHIT (what the hell is this??),” Elliott told clients in a January 26 letter seen by Business

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney raised concern over extreme volatility in the world’s best known digital currency. “It has pretty much failed thus far on … the traditional aspects of money. It is not a store of value because it is