Analysis of bitcoin coin age reveals “HODL waves”

Thanks to the blockchain, you can analyze much more than the price and volume. In bitcoin, a lot of attention is given to traditional technical indicators like price and trade volume, but the nature of the bitcoin blockchain, specifically its perfectly traceable

Coinbase ramping up M&A, acquires

The leading US cryptocurrency brokerage Coinbase, which has more funding ($225 million) and a bigger valuation (likely higher than $2 billion) than any other private bitcoin company, has bought, which had the second-most funding ($121 million). Terms of the deal are

Bitcoin Moving Sideways as Investors Fear another Sell-Off

Bitcoin fell by 3.63% on Monday, more than reversing Sunday’s 1.82% gain, as the cryptomarket turned bearish by late morning, reversing the short-term bullish trend formed through the weekend that saw Bitcoin recover to $7,000 levels. The early morning rally saw Bitcoin

How to handle bitcoin tax situations like airdrops and mining

Bitcoin multiplied more than 13 times last year, and the entire cryptocurrency market gained well over $500 billion in paper value. As a result, U.S. households likely owe $25 billion in capital gains taxes for their digital currency holdings, according to estimates