Bitcoin Whale Sightings Are Leaving Cryptocurrency Traders Jumpy

Occasional sighting of Bitcoin whales are leaving advocates of the biggest cryptocurrency anxious after what’s already been a choppy week of trading. Sudden market swings in the cryptocurrency this week have left price charts looking like a jack-o-lantern’s smile. And some investors

Analysis of bitcoin coin age reveals “HODL waves”

Thanks to the blockchain, you can analyze much more than the price and volume. In bitcoin, a lot of attention is given to traditional technical indicators like price and trade volume, but the nature of the bitcoin blockchain, specifically its perfectly traceable

Coinbase ramping up M&A, acquires

The leading US cryptocurrency brokerage Coinbase, which has more funding ($225 million) and a bigger valuation (likely higher than $2 billion) than any other private bitcoin company, has bought, which had the second-most funding ($121 million). Terms of the deal are