Bitcoin surges 10% in sudden move to above $7,500

Bitcoin surged Thursday more than 17 percent in a sudden move to above $8,000 at one point, according to trading on Coinbase. The cryptocurrency hit a high of $8,011 on Coinbase. Trading was volatile and bitcoin was about 11.5 percent higher over

Bitcoin Buyers Now Have to Figure Out Their Taxes

If you thought trading Bitcoin was wild, try figuring out how to pay taxes on it. Cryptocurrency investors are wrestling with spotty records, tangled blockchain addresses and rudimentary guidelines issued back in the ancient days of 2014. After last year’s boom in

JPMorgan Gets Sued for Bitcoin Fraud

If Jamie Dimon didn’t believe in karma before, he may be a believer now. JPMorgan has been hit with a class-action lawsuit on allegations of tacking on unannounced layers of fees plus interest after pulling the rug out from under the feet

Five Cryptocurrencies To Watch In 2018 (Besides Bitcoin)

© iStock You’ve read the news – Bitcoin is up, Bitcoin is down, Bitcoin is this, Bitcoin is that and… now Bitcoin really is down. You’ve likely already decided whether or not it’s something you’re interested in. But it’s not the only

Bitcoin Teases Bull Reversal with Rise Above $7K

Bitcoin (BTC) found acceptance above the $7,000 mark over the weekend, boosting the odds of a double-bottom bullish reversal, the technical charts indicate. The cryptocurrency trapped the bears on the wrong side of the market as it defended the psychological support of

Bitcoin and the Elusive $7,000

Bitcoin rallied 4.25% on Saturday, reversing Friday’s 2.32% fall on the way to an end of the day $6,909.6. Saturday’s much needed weekend rally brought an end to 3 consecutive days of losses, with Bitcoin managing to break through to $7,000 levels