Three Things to Know Before You Buy

Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and digital currencies as a whole have made such a big splash in the news cycles over the past couple of years, and for newcomers in the space, it can be overwhelming to gain a proper sense of footing.

Brazilian Entrepreneur Creates Bitcoin-Powered Coffee Machine

Ricardo Reis, a Brazilian entrepreneur, has recently created a bitcoin-powered coffee machine, in an attempt to show the flagship cryptocurrency has various potential use cases as actual “programmable money.” A video of the coffee machine in action was initially shared with a

Bitcoin kicks off second half of 2018 with a rally

Part of the death sentence could be a result of regulatory crackdowns from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The financial watchdog has warned of pump-and-dump schemes in ICOs, shut some down and charged one backed by Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khalid with

10 Places Where You Can Use Bitcoin, Online and Offline

Acceptance and widespread adoption has seen Bitcoin evolve from being a domain of the tech-savvy to being a preferred means of settling transactions around the world. Amidst restriction in the usage of the digital currency in some jurisdiction, e-commerce platforms have taken