Altcoin Valuations ‘Far Ahead Of Accomplishments’

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has hit out at Blockchain platform Tron, among others, telling mainstream media April 18 it was an example of “projects that never had a soul.” Speaking to the Financial Times along with comments which ranged from Ethereum’s success

Ethereum markets rally during the week

ETH/USD The Ethereum markets initially dipped during the week, but then use the $500 level as support to go higher. It looks as if we are trying to break above the $600 level, and then perhaps reaching towards the $700 level. I

New Ethereum Tech Brings Security to Scalable State Channels

The Slavic god of lightning, Perun, is entering the ethereum ecosystem (in spirit at least). Inspired by bitcoin’s lightning network, a group of researchers hailing from Warsaw have unveiled a new white paper entitled “Foundations of State Channel Networks,” which outlines a protocol