Vitalik’s Serious Joke: The Case for Ending Ethereum Inflation

It turns out, Vitalik wasn’t exactly joking. Sure, that might be what most people thought when ethereum’s creator published a controversial proposal on April Fool’s Day, but the post has prompted a very real, very serious conversation about whether the underlying economics of

Ethereum (ETH) Making a Return, Price Shoots to $500

Trading in Ethereum suddenly picked up with the altcoin boom, ending the temporary slide. × Ethereum (ETH) showed it was here to stay, and escaped the trading scenario with lows predicted below $300. Now, ETH reached $500 again as all altcoins are

Ethereum Is Up 15% Over the Last Seven Days

Back in February, the CEO of one of the largest digital currency exchanges made a bold prediction that crypto assets will reach a combined market cap of $1 trillion before the year is over. To put that into perspective, that would mean