Bitcoin Funds Are Rare: They Sail Uncharted Waters

“There’s a mass of confusion between blockchain technology, which will have a big impact, and cryptocurrencies,” Mr. McKnight said. The former “is what investors should be looking at.” A mature business devoting large resources to blockchain projects is I.B.M. It has about

Deploying Ethereum Smart Contract on Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

“Any positioning of the Hyperledger and Ethereum communities as competitive is incorrect,”-Hyperledger Project Executive Director Brian Behlendorf Introduction It is crucial to observe that intersection between Hyperledger and Ethereum is widening. Hypeledger Burrow project that runs under Tendermint consensus engine allows us

Daily Price Watch: Ethereum and EOS Price Analysis

Ethereum and EOS communities have been in a state of war for quite some months now. Both are decentralized App creating platform free for usage by all blockchain developers around the world. Ethereum and EOS aim to resolve the scalability issues associated

What You Need to Know This Week Cryptocurrencies traded sideways since our last report on cryptos, however I noticed something interesting when playing around with Yahoo! Finance’s cryptocurrency screener: There are profitable pockets in this market. Incidentally, Yahoo’s screener is far superior to the one on CoinMarketCap, so

Bitcoin Bull Move on Hold as Downside Risks Grow

Bitcoin (BTC) traded largely sideways over the last 24 hours, though a dip soon before press time may threaten a developing bullish chart pattern if the price moves below $6,000. BTC’s drop below the 10-day moving average (MA) on Tuesday neutralized the

Ethereum Price Resumes Slide Following Augur Launch

The selloff that started on Tuesday continued today in early trading, with all of the top coins losing ground, shedding 3-7% compared to yesterday’s price levels. As bearish price action continues, correlations between the majors are still very high, and there are

Hackers target new cryptocurrency investors

Experimental feature Listen to this article Play audio for this article Pause As cryptocurrency exchanges beef up security measures following a relentless run of heists, cyber criminals are turning their attention to stealing digital tokens directly from users. With the estimated total