Gloucestershire assesses latest ICO ruling on EfW plant

Gloucestershire county council is now “going through” the latest ruling from the Information Commissioner’s Office after being ordered to publish information concerning the Javelin Park incinerator deal, writes Sarah Horton. The county council has already said that the release of the information

ICO Analysis: 0xcert

Up to this point, one of the main features of any cryptocurrency has been fungibility. Fungible means each token is divisible and identical, any token can be exchanged for another of the same type and no one token holds unique data. On

ICO Analysis: Uulala

Uulala offers a payment, remittance and micro-credit solution to the underbanked population in Latin America. The Uulala platform provides individuals in the U.S,, Mexico and Latin America the ability to participate in secure financial transactions, create … Source link

ICObazaar reports projects reliability raise in 2018

3000+ ICOs data analysed in May’18 by one of top listing platforms ICO Bazaar. $945 mln raised with US, UK and Russia leading. Finance and payment platforms dominate investors’ choice and ICOs become more transparent to reach out. Market overview The ICO

ICO Analysis: Peer Mountain

Many blockchain-based projects these days seem to focus on issues like data and identity, as these issues come to the forefront of public attention with widespread scandals like Equifax and Cambridge Analytica. While these kinds of issues definitely affect … Source link

First SEC-compliant ICO trading platform is getting closer

New York-based blockchain company Prometheum said it formed a partnership with Manorhaven Capital, a registered broker-dealer, as part of its effort to become the first legal initial-coin-offering trading platform. Additionally, to fast-track this plan, the company said it had filed with the

ICO Analysis: Harmony |

AIRBLOC is a platform for the analysis and trade of personal data, uniting buyers and companies wishing to obtain information about their customers. As a decentralized platform for the exchange of personal data for both people and applications, AIRBLOC is planning to

ICO Azbit Announces Public Sale of AZS Security Tokens

From May 14 to 16, 2018, New York hosted the Consensus 2018 blockchain technology summit, and the Azbit Limited team attended as one of the main sponsors. We had a large booth centrally located within the exhibition space. The Azbit trade and