ICO Analysis: Emanate | Hacked.com

Perhaps the most glaring use case for blockchain and smart contracts is the music industry. This new technology could easily disrupt the entire billion dollar industry. It’s no wonder numerous startups are rushing into blockchain to carve out their nitch. New ICO

ICO Review: Senno

Senno is a NEO-based blockchain for sentiment analysis that includes an open API for third-party apps. Sentiment analysis consists of reading through mounds of user-generated data on sites like Twitter and Facebook to determine whether a certain topic has … Source link

ICO Analysis: FIC Network

FIC Network is a blockchain-based fixed income securities model that reduces costs, operational friction, and risks while improving auditing ability and transparency for the industry. It will allow users to list, buy, and sell any type of crypto or fiat … Source

ICO and finance regulator assess TSB IT blunder

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are assessing the IT meltdown at TSB that led to some customer accounts being seen by other customers. Download this free guide UK IT Priorities 2018 survey results … Source link

Four things to know before you invest in an ICO

In 2017, more than $6 billion was raised through the latest financial crisis, Initial Coin Offerings. ICOs are digital tokens that companies create and investors buy. When the company or the project gets up and running, they become tradeable for goods and

Big changes for utility tokens

2017 was quite a banner year for the ICO marketplace with over $6.4 billion in crypto invested in hundreds of ICOs. Some investors thought the world had gone crazy, others were saying it was just the beginning. Will ICOs announce the end