ICO Analysis: CloudMoolah

CloudMoolah was successfully launched in the USA in October 2017 with currently over 300 developers and more than 10 million gamers using the platform. CloudMoolah is designed to facilitate and manage payments seamlessly between game developers, gamers and … Source link

The ICO immaturity problem | TechCrunch

I’ve been following “startups” – I define startups as small businesses with a global scale – for almost two decades. In that time I’ve watched them morph from unfunded pet projects by random geniuses into what amounts to an entire sub-economy dedicated

ICO investment guide to review before you leap

https://appdevelopermagazine.com/images/news_images/Cryptocurrencys-Dos-and-Donts-App-Developer-Magazine_xum0tnw3.jpg Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2018 by Clifford Gross When reviewing a new cryptocurrency project or vendor, there is a certain amount of due diligence required. The crypto space is notorious for an abundance of charlatans, phishers and scammers

Swiss regulator FINMA publishes ICO guidelines

In guidelines published last week, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority – FINMA – set out ICO guidelines. These describe how it intends to apply financial market legislation in handling enquiries from ICO (initial coin offerings) organisers. The guidelines also define the

What you need to know

Friendz is a new ICO that aims to connect brands (services or products) to their customers. That process is not new, however Freindz are looking to do this by using blockchain technology. With the ICO approaching and the pre-sale drawing to a

$850 Million Raised in ICO So Far, Says Telegram

Messaging app provider Telegram says it has raised $850 million in the first part of its controversial initial coin offering (ICO), public records show. If confirmed, the raise is by far the largest seen for any ICO to date. According to CoinDesk’s