ICO Analysis: Lydian | Hacked.com

The market for initial coin offerings (ICOs) is exploding, as early-stage startups turn to crowdfunding for capital raises. But there’s a serious problem in this largely unregulated market: how can investors tell the difference between legitimate companies and dubious copycats? // —

ICO compliance platform CoinList spins out of AngelList

CoinList, platform behind the $205m Filecoin token sale, will become its own legal entity founded with a new leadership team headed by CEO Andy Bromberg. The genesis of the company was a collaboration of AngelList, the startup funding platform, and Protocol Labs,

ICO Analysis: Datum | Hacked.com

From the perspective of ICOs, Worldcore stands apart for the fact that it is already known as a successful payment solution. Established in 2014, the Czech-based company offers an online transfer service that specializes in bank wires, prepaid withdrawal cards, instant credit

Infighting Post Tezos ICO Leaves Investors Holding the Bag

Most upcoming ICOs are battling hackers and scams that stand to intercept ether that is intended to be directed toward their deal. Meanwhile, after delaying its recent initial coin offering by weeks until conditions were just right in July, the Switzerland-based Tezos

What Is an ICO Anyway? A Few Theories

Here is a sensible memo from Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati about the legal status of initial coin offerings. Like me, they are very skeptical that you can get around U.S. securities laws just by calling something a “utility token”: If you sell people

ICO Analysis: Bloom | Hacked.com

With the advent of cryptocurrency, it’s clear that the future of digital payments is upon us. Until now, advances in blockchain technology have occurred outside the purview of digital payments between buyers and sellers. That’s until UTRUST came along. // — Discuss

ICO Ban in Japan – a ‘Definite Possibility’

It seems as if the world of cryptocurrency has essentially moved on without China, after they decided to excuse themselves from the race with a ban on ICOs and exchanges. This has led to other countries in Asia taking up the mantle,