AMD shares crater after Morgan Stanley downgrades

AMD will face demand problems for its graphics processors next year in two key markets, according to one top Wall Street firm. Morgan Stanley reduced its rating for AMD shares to underweight from equal-weight, predicting cryptocurrency mining and gaming console demand for

ICO Analysis: Confideal |

Very few ICOs have generated more hype and pent-up demand than Universa, the blockchain project promising to improve on bitcoin and Ethereum through easy-to-produce smart contracts. At its core, Universa is an infrastructure project that could spearhead a much bigger ecosystem of cryptocurrency

Vietnam Boosts Bitcoin Regulation With Ban

Share Tweet Share Share Share Print Email The use of Bitcoin as a form of payment has been banned in Vietnam, according to Monday (Oct. 30) ZDNet reports. The country’s state bank ruled that all cryptocurrency, not just Bitcoin, was an invalid

What You Need to Know Before You Launch Your ICO Token

Planning an Initial Coin Offering but you’re worried that your specs are too vague? Anxious that there are certain things you haven’t considered? Truth is – there probably are. But we’re here to help out (whether it’s for building your ICO or