How to Block Cryptocurrency Miners in Your Web Browser

Cryptocurrency miners are a new scourge on the web. Web pages can now embed JavaScript code that runs in your web browser to mine themselves Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using your computer. The website keeps the cryptocurrency, and you get higher electric bills,

Introduction to Blockchain and What It Means for Big Data

According to this article, “Arguably the most significant development in information technology over the past few years, blockchain has the potential to change the way that the world approaches big data, with enhanced security and data quality just two of the benefits

The STK ICO Targets Payments on the Blockchain

The Ripple price advanced more than 11% today, and there’s at least one upcoming ICO that could ride those coattails. Stack is a blockchain-based payments startup whose ICO is scheduled for Dec. 11. But if you live in the United States or Canada, you’re

Billionaire Predicts ETH Is Going to Reach $1,500 Soon

By Gaurav S. Iyer, IFC Published : November 28, 2017 In a new report from CNBC, a key billionaire predicts that ETH prices will hit $1,500 in the near future. This prediction is even more bullish than our own Ethereum price forecast, which

State Street Veterans to Launch Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Two Street Street Corp. veterans are launching a cryptocurrency trading platform to serve institutional investors. John Burnett and Hu Liang said they’ve formed Omniex Holdings Inc., which aims to work with exchanges, over-the-counter venues and fund accountants to fill growing demand for trading

New Blockchain Investment Marketplace Launches

Share Tweet Share Share Share Print Email A new firm is opening a marketplace for accredited investors to trade equity stakes into blockchain startups. According to a Bloomberg news report, BnkToTheFuture plans to open a market in the second quarter, using a

Bitcoin price: USD $10,000 milestone imminent

BITCOIN is rapidly closing in on yet another record. The value of the cryptocurrency continues to rise exponentially, adding another 15 per cent over the weekend to top $US9000 ($12,500) for the first time after breaking $US8000 only a week earlier, marking