Court Rules in Cryptocurrency Mining Firm Founders’ Favor

Since our last article on the unfolding situation with the deadlocked Envion ICO, a group identifying themselves to CCN as Concerned Envion Investors have been working to produce evidence that CEO Mathias Woestmann snatched the company from the founders and falsified documents

The Beginners Guide for Ethereum Mining and Casper Update.

The Ethereum is based on the Bitcoin protocol and its Blockchain design but is modified so that applications outside the monetary systems can be maintained. The only similarity of the two Blockchains is that they store whole transaction histories of their corresponding

Blockchain’s Impact on Food and Farming, Explained

4. Blockchain could eliminate paper-based processes and cut costs, with these savings passed on to you. Getting rid of middlemen would minimize transaction fees, and decentralization would also make it easier for smaller farms to compete with larger corporations. For example, blockchain

ICO Analysis: BlockClick

Though digital marketing has taken off big-time in recent years with the explosion of the Internet and Internet-based companies, it’s still often fraught with fraud, payment delays, and other problems. For example, it was estimated in 2016 that … Source link

Bitcoin slumps below $6,000 to November lows

Brian Kelly, CEO of BKCM, said Friday’s wild trading was partly exacerbated by CME futures contracts expiring. But sentiment has also been sour. “The market is not reacting to any positive news, but the news flow has been quite positive,” Kelly said.

Blockchain Won’t Make Real Estate Agents Obsolete |

Blockchain is an emerging technology that’s impacting the way industries conduct business, especially real estate. Not much is known about blockchain among the general public besides its association with bitcoin. While real estate professionals should pay attention to this new trend—as it