Why Blockchain And The GDPR Collide Over Your Personal Data

If you haven’t heard about blockchain technology by now, you probably have not been paying attention.  Promising to transform everything from currencies to supply-chain management, blockchain (also referred to as distributed ledger technology, or DLT) provides an independent, distributed, secure mechanism to

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) – Daily Fintech

The Blockchain Weekly Front Page is a CXO level briefing. Our mission is to serve the mainstream business community by selecting one major theme in the Blockchain Economy each week and three news stories to illustrate that theme. This is all you

Blockchain is the future of business, panel concludes

With the World Economic Forum predicting that 10 percent of global GDP will be stored on Blockchains by 2027, it’s time India put the focus on Blockchain technology. The internet solved the information sharing problem. But when it had no answers to

Blockchain in Manufacturing Market Will Be Worth $500 Million by 2025

A recent report by technology research company ReportLinker shows that blockchain technology in the U.S. manufacturing sector is expected to grow significantly from 2020–2025. While preparing the report, the authors split blockchain usage by application, end use, and territory. The study then