Bitcoin’s Price Volatility Just Hit Another 15-Month Low

Bitcoin price volatility continues to drop, with one measure having reached a 15-month low. Weekly volatility, as calculated by the difference between the high and low, fell to $317 last week – the lowest reading since the first week of July 2017 –

Bitcoin Price Volatility Falls To Lowest Of 2018

Bitcoin volatility has dropped sharply in recent weeks. Credit: Getty Royalty Free Bitcoin prices have been fluctuating within a reasonably tight range in recent weeks. Compared to earlier this year, the cryptocurrency’s volatility has fallen sharply, according to Bloomberg data compiled by U.S.-based asset manager Blockforce

Melbourne residents warned about bitcoin scam – Finance

Victoria Police are warning people about a scam seen in Melbourne that involves victims paying “large amounts of cash” into bitcoin ATMs to settle bogus tax debts. The scam has already netted up to $50,000 from four victims in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, but

Victims being conned in $50,000

Victims have been conned more than $50,000 in an elaborate Bitcoin ATM phone scam after being threatened with jail if they don’t pay up. At least four victims, all from Melbourne’s east, have been identified after handing over cash to repay a