Cryptocurrency Market Update: A Lazy Sunday in Crypto Land

Crypto markets are horizontal today; Only Digitex Futures is pumping. Cryptocurrency markets are still at the bottom following their mid-week dump. There has been no sign of a bounce back to previous levels as total market capitalization is still hovering just above

Bitcoin – Is This the Millpond Before The Storm?

Bitcoin gained 0.54% on Saturday, following on from Friday’s 0.52% rise, to end the day at $6,284.5. It’s been an unusual couple of days for Bitcoin that has moved within particularly tight ranges since Thursday morning’s tumble back to $6,300 levels, investors

Bitcoin is Maturing, Crypto Growth Surprisingly Positive Reveals Study

New research published in a renowned scientific journal speculates that the Bitcoin markets are rapidly maturing, which could be positive news for investors. The journal – called Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science – highlights some interesting features regarding the rapidly evolving

Trade Recommendation: Lisk/Ethereum | Hacked: Hacking Finance

Our June 25, 2018 trade recommendation for the Zcash/Ethereum pair (ZEC/ETH) hit its mark on August 24. On that day, ZEC/ETH climbed to as high as 0.50352362. Despite the overall bearish sentiment in altcoins, those who followed the trade recommendation grew their